Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Slot Junky

It has been a little over 4 years now since I began my plunge into the game industry. Not the conventional games that ones may think. Slot jockey type machines (VLT's). I would have thought I would be working on PC/console games. But its a start and I couldn't have asked for much more I guess. Same province and little over an hour's drive from home. Well I could but that would be greedy of me.

What's next in this little adventure I've been thrown on called life. Something new I hope. Life cycles of these games are very short. From development to release is only a few months. I'm gonna say 3 to 4 months. But theres gaps of nothing in the middle. QA side of things can be as short as 4 to 5 weeks. Now Free Spirits is a totally different story. Thats about 3 - 4 years. But with complete graphic and code changes. Probably 3 years of nothing in the middle. But for the most part very short on the game cycle. Platform is again different. Who knows when that will finish. I suspect it might be a long journey.

Since I've been going to football games on the east coast I've been checking out places in the area. Being closer to the games will be a benefit to all of us. When people come down they would have a place to crash instead of hotels and I get to see games more often. The area also seems to be very similar style to what I'm used to. The big city not so much but the suburb type areas are very nice. On our last trip to Hartford to see UCONN play we stayed in Vernon Connecticut. On the way back to Vernon we got a little lost and did a scenic tour. Cool place and very friendly. 99's food rocked.

I recently found www.nerfbat.com . From initial scanning it seems to be all about MMO and some other none game related info. Some interesting points about MMO and technology.

Trying to get back into NCAA 07 lately. www.ncaastrategies.com has a dynasty section. I had started around december to create a Canadian dynasty. That failed when the XBox died. But recently with someone else's XBox I started up another. This time I borrowed slightly from a book I had read and created a Theological school. All players are monks. Which means I suck. But it can also lead to odd storyline plots. The Holy Roller himself the Pope has already made a visit. So far I've stopped from using last names. Just been calling them Brother X Y and Z. I'm thinking when they go off to be priests I'll give them last names. But who knows. Fielding Blue has a good one going with his EZRA Silverbacks. I'm thinking slushies are back now but he won't reveal too me. Damn him.

Anyways. Thats about it for now.


At 4:58 PM , Blogger Kate said...

Hey! I saw you posted a comment on my blog, thanks! How did you come across it? And yes, I have been busy! I generally dont like much in terms of caffeine...I like sugar (I drink 3-4 cans of gingerale a day)! Thanks for checking my page out!

At 6:31 PM , Blogger Robertson said...

I've been doing a lot of searching lately to see what type of companies are on the east coast. I had found the www.bostonpostmortem.org site and it had a link to your blog. So thats the boring story.

Well at least you're still counting in cans. That's a good thing.


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